Apatite Crystals on Fluorite - NERF 005

Greenish apatite crystals on dark purple fluorite

Measurements:  40 x 30 x 26 mm

Description:  A few greenish apatite crystals (up to 13 mm long) sit on a piece of purple fluorite, which has a few lovely stepped faces. 

Most of the apatite crystals' terminations are damaged. 

This combination of fluorite and apatite from Erongo is hard to come by.

Weight of Specimen:  48.4 g 

Chemical Composition:  CaF2  (fluorite)
                                       Ca5(PO4)3(OH,F,Cl)  (apatite)

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (fluorite)  4

Location:  Erongo Mountains, Erongo Region, Namibia.

Specimen Code:  NERF 005


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